Hyundai iMax N ‘Drift Bus’ revealed: tyre-shredding eight-seater track special

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Thu, Oct 24, 2019 07:30 CET

Hyundai Australia has turned an iMax eight-seat people mover into a tyre-shredding drift machine The iMax N ‘Drift Bus’ combines the power of a 300kW twin-turbocharged V6 engine with the practicality of eight seats Watch it drift

Hyundai Australia announced a special one-off custom creation, inspired by the mischievous spirit of N and guaranteed to put a smile on any driver’s face... along with up to seven passengers. Introducing the iMax N ‘Drift Bus’.

Powerful, turbocharged engine? Check. Corner carving differential? Check. N Performance Blue paintwork? Check. Seating for eight drift-fiends? Of course.

Created by an underground skunkworks team at Hyundai Australia, the iMax N made its global competition debut at the 2019 World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motor Sport Park.

Unlike previous one-off fast vans – such as the Ford Transit Supervan and Renault Espace F1 – the iMax N ‘Drift Bus’ maintains its eight-seater layout in the interest of maximising the fun factor for you and up to seven of your friends.

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Hyundai Motor Group Develops World’s First Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML) Technology

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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 14:07 CET

The technology recognizes and analyzes driving patterns to apply to Smart Cruise Control, creating a customized self-driving experience The world’s first AI-based ADAS feature planned for upcoming HMG vehicle

Hyundai Motor Group announced the development of the world’s first Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML), a technology that incorporates the driver’s patterns into its self-driving behavior, creating a custom experience for the driver.

The technology, an industry first, incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) within the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature. The system is planned for implementation in future Hyundai Motor Group vehicles.

“The new SCC-ML improves upon the intelligence of the previous ADAS technology to dramatically improve the practicality of semi-autonomous features,” said Woongjun Jang, VP at Hyundai Motor Group. “Hyundai Motor Group will continue the development efforts on innovative AI technologies to lead the industry in the field of autonomous driving.”

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) enables an essential self-driving feature and core technology for ADAS: maintaining distance from the vehicle ahead while traveling at the speed selected by the driver.

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All-New Hyundai i10: making a big statement in the A-segment

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Tue, Sep 10, 2019 08:00 CET

The latest generation of Hyundai’s A-segment car is a full-featured entry into the Hyundai family, to be launched with the tagline “Go Big.” The All-New Hyundai i10 features a new dynamic design that illustrates its agile and active nature It offers comprehensive connectivity and Hyundai’s SmartSense active safety package At the Frankfurt International Motor Show, Hyundai is also introducing the All-New i10 N Line, the company’s fourth model to be equipped with the N Line version

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the All-New i10 at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). The newest model in the company’s i-range features a new dynamic design, as well as a comprehensive connectivity and advanced safety package.

Since its introduction in 2008, the i10 has been a success story for Hyundai in Europe. Like the previous generation of the model, the All-New i10 is designed, developed and made in Europe. Its exterior body reflects its young spirit while ensuring uncompromised accessibility and comfort to support its diversified users in their everyday activities. In combination with one of the most comprehensive safety equipment offers in its class, the All-New Hyundai i10 offers the complete package.

“The i10 has consistently been one of our sales drivers and the historic base of growth for Hyundai in Europe, and we stay committed to our customers looking for an A-segment car by introducing this all-new model,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe HQ. “The All-New Hyundai i10 is the latest example of our democratisation of new technologies for our customers. We are launching it with the tagline “Go Big.” to emphasise the feeling that customers will get from this uncompromised city car – it might seem like a small car, but it makes a big statement!”

A dynamic and stylish exterior design

The All-New i10’s dynamic and sleek design offers a contrast between its soft surfaces and sharp lines. Compared to its predecessor, the All-New i10 has enhanced proportions. Its visual stance is improved by its lowered roof (20 mm) and its wider body (20 mm).These enhancements can be complemented by newly-designed optional 16-inch alloy wheels, resulting in an energetic and agile look.

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Hyundai Motor Invests in IONITY to Democratize High-Power EV Charging Network

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Mon, Sep 09, 2019 10:10 CET

Hyundai joins IONITY in cooperation with founding partners BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG The investment to enable EVs with 800 V to reduce charging time significantly by a charging capacity of up to 350 kW The commitment to electrification of the European transport sector relies on international cooperation across the automotive industry

Hyundai Motor Company alongside Kia Motors Corporation today announced its investment into IONITY, a joint venture established by global automakers. Under the agreement Hyundai and Kia, affiliated automotive companies for Hyundai Motor Group (the Group), will play a key role in further enhancing the availability of EV charging stations with additional convenience benefits for its customers.

The decision to join this network will provide enhanced benefits for Hyundai and Kia’s European customers. Starting in 2021, Hyundai and Kia EVs will be equipped with 800 volt charging systems to accommodate IONITY’s maximum charging power of 350 kilowatts. Customers will be able to use IONITY’s HPC facilities, which are equipped with digital payment options, to significantly reduce charging times and better facilitate long-distance travel.

IONITY is a joint venture established in 2017 between BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, and Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG. Since its formation, it currently has nearly 140 charging stations in Europe in operation with 50 more under construction. The technology of IONITY is characterized by a charging capacity of up to 350 kilowatts, its use of the universal charging standard Combined Charging System ensures the widest possible compatibility across EVs.

IONITY is expanding its network to 400 fast-charging stations by 2020, with an average of at least one site every 120 kilometers along major European highways. Its European distribution and brand-agnostic approach will significantly improve the image and accessibility of electric vehicles for both current EV users and prospective buyers.

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Hyundai Motor Group Develops Wearable Vest Exoskeleton to Alleviate Burden in Overhead Work

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Fri, Sep 06, 2019 10:55 CET

New Wearable Vest EXoskeleton (VEX) is up to 42% lighter than competing products The VEX functions without the need for a battery by imitating human shoulder joint and using multilink lift assistant module Hyundai Motor Group also announces commercialization of its Chairless EXoskeleton Hyundai Motor Group to expand robot application into EV charging and personal mobility

Hyundai Motor Group has developed new Vest EXoskeleton (VEX), a wearable robot created to assist industrial workers who spend long hours working in overhead environments.

The VEX enhances productivity and reduces fatigue of industrial workers by imitating the movement of human joints to boost load support and mobility. The wearable vest the polycentric axis – combining multiple pivot points with multi-link muscular assistance – to function, eliminating the need for a battery.

At 2.5kg, VEX weighs 22-42% less than competing products and is worn like a backpack. The user places their arms through the shoulder straps of the vest, then fastens the chest and waist buckles. The back section can adjust in length by up to 18 cm to fit a variety of body sizes, while the degree of force assistance can be adjusted over six levels – up to as much as 5.5 kgf.

“VEX gives workers greater load support, mobility, and adaptability when operating in overhead environments.” stated DongJin Hyun, head of Robotics team of Hyundai Motor Group. “Workers will also appreciate how light VEX is to wear and work with.”

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„Hyundai“ plečia hibridinių automobilių gamą ir pristato „Kona Hybrid“

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Thu, Sep 05, 2019 07:30 CET

„Hyundai“ plečia populiarių ir tituluotų automobilių seriją „Kona“, pristatydama naują hibridinį modelį. Jis išsiskiria ne tik ryškiu dizainu, bet ir naujausiomis „Hyundai SmartSense“ saugumo ir pagalbinėmis vairuotojo sistemomis, taip pat individualiai pritaikoma ir platesne informacine bei pramogine sistema.

Automobilis „Kona“, kurio pavadinimas yra kilęs iš Didžiosios Havajų salos, pirmąkart rinkoje pasirodė 2017 m. Praėjusiais metais prie vidaus degimo varikliais varomų „Kona“ modelių prisijungė vien elektra varomas „Kona Electric“. Dėl galingo elektrinio galios agregato ir didelio nuvažiuojamo atstumo populiarioji „Kona Electric“ versija susilaukė neįtikėtinos paklausos visame pasaulyje, kuri pranoko net „Hyundai“ bendrovės lūkesčius. Europoje iš viso parduota beveik 120 tūkst. šių automobilių.

„Įvairiems klientų poreikiams patenkinti „Hyundai“ siūlo platų galios agregatų asortimentą. „Kona“ hibridas yra SUV kėbulo ir ekomobilio derinys. Tai – dar vienas naujas ir įdomus pasirinkimo variantas Europos pirkėjams“, – teigė „Hyundai Motor Europe“ produktų ir rinkodaros vadovas Andreas-Christophas Hofmannas.

Galios agregatas – kaip „IONIQ Hybrid“

Naujas hibridinis „Kona“ automobilis komplektuojamas su jau žinomu galios agregatu, varančiu „IONIQ Hybrid“. Jį sudaro „Kappa“ 1,6 l GDI tiesioginio įpurškimo benzininis keturių cilindrų variklis, elektrinis variklis ir automatinė dviejų sankabų transmisija.
Vidaus degimo variklio galia siekia 105 AG, sukimo momentas – 147 Nm, o elektrinis motoras išvysto 43,5 AG bei 170 Nm sukimo momentą. Bendra sistemos galia – 141 AG ir 265 Nm.

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Pilnīgi jaunā Hyundai Kona Hybrid

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Thu, Sep 05, 2019 07:30 CET

Pilnīgi jaunā Kona Hybrid paplašina populārās, godalgotās Kona klāstu, piedāvājot Hyundai klientiem vēl plašākas izvēles iespējas Hyundai atbild uz Eiropas klientu pieprasījumu, piedāvājot jaunu SUV virsbūves eko-mobilitātes modeli

Hyundai paplašina populārās un godalgotās Kona klāstu ar pilnīgi jaunu Kona Hybrid modeli. Šis jaunums atbilst Eiropas klientu prasībām, piedāvājot SUV virsbūvi ar hibrīda piedziņu. Papildus drosmīgajam dizainam šis jaunums dāvā jaunākās Hyundai SmartSense drošības un vadītāja palīgsistēmas, kā arī jaunu, pielāgojamu un lielu infoizklaides ekrānu.

Kona, kuras nosaukums ir radies, godinot Havaju lielāko salu, tika prezentēta 2017. gadā. Pērn iekšdedzes dzinēja Kona modeļiem pievienojās pilnībā elektrisks Kona Electric. Pieprasījums tieši pēc populārās Kona Electric versijas visā pasaulē ir bijis jo sevišķi iespaidīgs, pateicoties jaudīgajai elektriskajai piedziņai un garajam nobraucamo kilometru attālumam, un ir pārsniedzis pat pašu Hyundai prognozes.  Eiropā pārdoti gandrīz 120 000 automobiļu.

Hyundai saviem klientiem piedāvā plašu dažādu piedziņu klāstu visdažādākajām vajadzībām. Kona hibrīds apvieno SUV virsbūvi un eko-automobili, kas Eiropas klientiem jau atkal piedāvā jaunu un interesantu izvēles iespēju, apgalvo Andreass Kristofs Hofmans (Andreas-Christoph Hofmann) Hyundai Motor Eiropas produktu un mārketinga vadītājs.

Pilnīgi jaunās Kona hibrīda piedziņa ir tāda pati, kā jau labi zināmā IONIQ hibrīda versijā: Kappa 1,6 litru GDI, tiešās iesmidzināšanas benzīna četru cilindru dzinēju apvienojumā ar elektromotoru un dubultā sajūga automātisko transmisiju.  Šis jauninājums nodrošina maksimālo kombinēto jaudu 141 ZS un 265 Nm griezi. Ekonomiskā iekšdedzes dzinēja jauda ir 105 ZS un grieze 147 Nm. Pastāvīgā magnēta elektromotors nodrošina 43,5 ZS (32 kW) ar maksimālo griezi 170 Nm.* Kompaktais litija jonu polimēra akumulators ir gan jaudīgs, gan drošs, pateicoties 4 slāņu uzbūvei. Tā ietilpība ir 1,56 kWh. Izcilais uzlādes un izlādes sniegums optimizē augsta sprieguma akumulatora jaudu un enerģijas atgūšanu.

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Uus Hyundai Kona Hybrid

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Thu, Sep 05, 2019 07:30 CET

Uus Kona Hybrid laiendab populaarse auhinnatud Kona mudelivalikut, et pakkuda Hyundai klientidele veelgi rohkem versioone. Hyundai vastab Euroopa klientide nõudmistele, pakkudes uut ökonoomset linnamaasturit.

Hyundai laiendab oma populaarset ja auhinnatud Kona tooteperet uue hübriidmudeliga. See uusim  trendikas linnamaastur vastab oma säästliku hübriidjõuseadmega Euroopa klientide nõudmistele. Peale julge disaini sisaldab uus sõiduk ka uusimaid Hyundai SmartSense’i ohutus- ja juhiabisüsteeme ning ka uut, kohandatavat ja suuremat teabe- ja meelelahutusekraani.

Kona, mis sai oma nime Hawaiilt, toodi turule 2017. aastal. Eelmisel aastal lisandus sisepõlemismootoriga Konale täiselektriline Kona Electric. Ülemaailmne nõudlus soodsa elektriauto Kona Electricule on olnud muljetavaldav tänu sõiduki võimsale elektrimootorile ja ülipikale sõiduulatusele. Ostjate huvi on oluliselt ületanud isegi julgeimad prognoosid.  Euroopas on müüdud kokku peaaegu 120 000 mudelit.

„Hyundai pakub oma klientidele laias valikus jõuallikaid erinevateks vajadusteks. Kona Hybrid ühendab linnamaasturi ja ökoauto, mis pakub Euroopa klientidele taas uut ja huvitavat võimalust,“ ütles Hyundai Motor Europe’i toote- ja turundusjuht Andreas-Christoph Hofmann.

Uue Kona Hybridi jõuallikas on juba tuttav IONIQ Hybridilt: neljasilindriline 1,6-liitrine otsesissepritsega Kappa GDI koos elektrimootori ja topeltsiduriga automaatkäigukastiga.  Selle uue mootori maksimaalne kombineeritud võimsus on 141 hj ja pöördemoment 265 N*m. Säästliku sisepõlemismootori võimsus on 105 hj ja pöördemoment 147 N*m. Sõiduki püsimagnetitega elektrimootori võimsus on 43,5 hj (32 kW) ja maksimaalne pöördemoment 170 N*m. Kompaktne liitiumioon-polümeeraku on tänu neljakihilisele struktuurile nii võimas kui ka ohutu. Selle mahtuvus on 1,56 kWh. Suurepärased laadimis- ja tühjenemiskarakteristikud suurendavad kõrgepingeaku väljundit ja energia regenereerimist.

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Atnaujinta populiarioji „Hyundai IONIQ“ serija

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Wed, Sep 04, 2019 11:48 CET

„Hyundai IONIQ“ yra pirmasis automobilis pasaulyje, siūlomas su trimis elektrifikuotais galios agregatais – hibridiniu, iš tinklo įkraunamu hibridiniu ir visiškai elektriniu. Šį rudenį rinkose pasirodys atnaujintas „IONIQ“ modelių asortimentas. Naujasis „IONIQ Electric“ komplektuojamas su 38,3 kWh akumuliatoriumi, kuris pasižymi 36 proc. didesne energijos talpa ir viena įkrova leidžia nuvažiuoti 311 km atstumą (rodikliai pagal WLTP). Nuo „Hyundai IONIQ“ pasirodymo pradžios 2016 m. visame pasaulyje parduota daugiau nei 60 000 šių modelių.

Originali „Hyundai IONIQ“ automobilių serija Europoje pirmą kartą pristatyta 2016 m. „Hyundai IONIQ“ yra pirmasis automobilis pasaulyje, kuris nuo pat pradžių buvo sumanytas naudoti su trimis skirtingomis elektrifikuotomis jėgainėmis – hibridine, iš tinklo įkraunama hibridine ir vien elektrine. „IONIQ“ tapo neatsiejama „Hyundai“ ateities transporto priemonių asortimento dalimi. Nuo „IONIQ“ pasirodymo pradžios parduota per 60 000 šių automobilių. Dabar „IONIQ“ modeliai pasipildė pažangiais techniniais sprendimais ir pakeitė savo išvaizdą.
„Hyundai“ sustiprina savo, kaip ekologiškų transporto priemonių pradininkės, pozicijas, kai daugelis kitų automobilių gamintojų dar tik pristato ar planuoja pristatyti savo pirmuosius ekomobilius. Šiuo metu „Hyundai“ ekomobilių asortimente puikuojasi visame pasaulyje populiarus vien elektra varomas „Hyundai Kona Electric“ ir vandenilinis „Hyundai Nexo“ su novatorišku elektriniu kuro elementų galios agregatu. Šių metų rudenį prie „Kona Electric“ prisijungs hibridinis modelis.

Naujoviški mobilumo sprendimai su trimis elektrifikuotos jėgainės alternatyvomis

Nauji „IONIQ“ modeliai apginkluoti pažangiomis „SmartSense™“ saugumo ir pagalbinėmis vairuotojo sistemomis, taip pat naujausiomis informacinėmis ir pramoginėmis technologijomis. Be to, jie pasirodys atsinaujinę tiek vidumi, tiek išore.
- „Naujieji „Hyundai IONIQ“ modeliai sukurti sėkmingos pirmosios kartos pagrindu, – teigia „Hyundai Motor“ gamybos direktorius Thomas A. Schmidas. – „IONIQ“ – novatoriškas automobilis, galintis patenkinti visus klientų poreikius ir savo technologiniais sprendimais palengvinti kasdienį jų gyvenimą.“

Dėl naujo 38,3 kWh akumuliatoriaus, pasižyminčio 36 proc. didesne talpa, vien elektra varomas „IONIQ“ viena įkrova gali įveikti 311 km atstumą (rodikliai pagal WLTP). Elektrinio variklio galia siekia 136 AG, o sukimo momentas – 295 Nm. Naujasis „IONIQ“ komplektuojamas su 7,2 kW krovikliu (ankstesniajame modelyje buvo įrengtas 6,6 kW kroviklis) ir palaiko 2 tipo kintamosios srovės įkrovimą. Naudojantis 100 kW įkrovimo stotele, akumuliatoriui iki 80 proc. įkrauti pakanka 54 minučių.

Kaip ir ankstesnė versija, naujieji „IONIQ Hybrid“ ir iš tinklo įkraunamas „IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid“ varomi ekonomiško vidaus degimo ir elektrinio variklių dueto. Jų bendra galia siekia 103,6 kW, o sukimo momentas – iki 265 Nm. 1,6 l GDI variklio maksimali galia – 105 AG, o sukimo momentas – 147 Nm. „IONIQ Hybrid“ elektrinis variklis su nuolatiniu magnetu išvysto 43,5 AG (32 kW) galią, o jo maksimalus sukimo momentas siekia 170 Nm. Po galinėmis „IONIQ Hybrid“ automobilio sėdynėmis įrengtas 1,56 kWh talpos ličio jonų polimerų akumuliatorius. Elektrinis iš tinklo įkraunamo „IONIQ Plug-in“ modelio variklis išvysto 60,5 AG (44,5 kW) galią, o jo maksimalus sukimo momentas siekia 170 Nm. Jo maitinimo šaltinis – 8,9 kWh akumuliatorius. Elektrinio variklio varomas „IONIQ Hybrid“ vien elektriniu režimu gali važiuoti išvystydamas iki 120 km/h greitį. „IONIQ Plug-in“ patikimai įveikia 52 km atstumą varomas vien elektra (rodikliai pagal WLTP). 

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Atjaunināta populārā Hyundai IONIQ modeļu saime

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Wed, Sep 04, 2019 11:36 CET

Hyundai IONIQ ir pasaulē pirmais automobilis ar trīs dažādiem elektrificētiem piedziņas veidiem: hibrīda, elektrotīklā uzlādējama hibrīda un pilnībā elektriska. Šoruden tirgū nonāk atjauninātais IONIQ klāsts. Jaunajam IONIQ Electric ir 38,3 kWh akumulators, kas ļauj uzglabāt par 36% vairāk enerģijas, un 311 km nobraukuma rezerve (iekšēji noteikts mērķis saskaņā ar WLTP noteikumiem). Kopš Hyundai IONIQ laišanas klajā 2016. gadā tas visā pasaulē ir pārdots vairāk nekā 60 000 eksemplāros.

Hyundai IONIQ sākotnējais klāsts Eiropā tika prezentēts 2016. gadā. Hyundai IONIQ ir pasaulē pirmais automobilis, kuru jau no pašiem izstrādes pirmsākumiem bija paredzēts aprīkot ar trīs dažādiem elektrificētiem piedziņas veidiem: hibrīda, no elektrotīkla uzlādējama hibrīda un pilnībā elektrisku versiju. IONIQ ir kļuvis par neatņemamu Hyundai nākotnes mobilitātes sastāvdaļu. Kopš tā laišanas klajā ir pārdoti vairāk nekā 60 000 IONIQ eksemplāri. Tagad IONIQ klāsts ir papildināts ar uzlabotiem tehniskajiem risinājumiem un jaunu izskatu.

Hyundai nostiprina savas pozīcijas kā ekoloģiskas mobilitātes pionieris, kamēr daudzi citi autoražotāji tikai prezentē vai plāno prezentēt savus pirmos ekoloģisko automobiļu modeļus. Hyundai ekoloģisko automobiļu klāstā pašlaik tiek piedāvāts pilnībā elektriskais un visā pasaulē populārais Hyundai Kona Electric un ar ūdeņradi darbināmais Hyundai Nexo ar revolucionāru degvielas šūnu elektropiedziņas agregātu. 2019. gada rudenī Kona Electric papildinās arī hibrīda modelis.

Inovatīvi mobilitātes risinājumi ar trīs elektrificētas piedziņas alternatīvām

Jaunais IONIQ klāsts ir aprīkots ar mūsdienīgām SmartSense™ drošības un vadītāja palīdzības sistēmām, kā arī visjaunākajiem sasniegumiem informācijas un izklaides jomā. Turklāt modeļu sērijai ir arī atjaunināts virsbūves un salona dizains.

- Pēc Hyundai Motor ražošanas direktora Tomasa A. Šmida teiktā jauno Hyundai IONIQ modeļu pamatā ir pirmās paaudzes panākumi. - IONIQ ir pionieris, kas piedāvā klientiem visu nepieciešamo un tam papildus arī tehnoloģiskos risinājumus, kas atvieglo ikdienas dzīvi.

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Populaarne Hyundai IONIQ-u tootepere uueneb

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Wed, Sep 04, 2019 11:22 CET

Hyundai IONIQ on esimene automudelite seeria maailmas, mis on saadaval kolme erineva elektrilise jõuülekandega: hübriid, laetav pistikhübriid ja täiselektriline.  Sel sügisel tuleb turule uuendatud IONIQ-seeria. Uuel IONIQ Electricul on 38,3 kWh aku, mis tähendab 36% suuremat energiasalvestusmahtu ja 311 km sõiduulatust (ettevõttesisesed andmed WLTP määruste kohaselt). Alates turule toomisest 2016. aastal on Hyundai IONIQ-ut müüdud maailmas rohkem kui 60 000 tk.

Algset Hyundai IONIQ-seeriat tutvustati Euroopas 2016. aastal. Hyundai IONIQ on esimene automudelite seeria maailmas, mis on saadaval kolme erineva elektrilise jõuülekandega: hübriid, laetav pistikhübriid ja täiselektriline. 

IONIQ on Hyundai tulevikulahenduste seeria üks põhiosadest. Alates selle turule toomisest on müüdud üle 60 000 IONIQ-u. Nüüd saab IONIQ-u tootevalik täiustatud tehnilised lahendused ja uue ilme. 

Hyundai tugevdab oma positsiooni ökoloogilise mobiilsuse teerajajana olukorras, kus paljud teised autotootjad alles kavandavad või tutvustavad oma esimesi ökosõidukeid. Praegu kuuluvad Hyundai ökosõidukite seeriasse lisaks IONIQ’ule ka üleilmselt populaarne täiselektriline Hyundai Kona Electric ja vesinikkütusega Hyundai Nexo, millel on murranguline kütuseelemendiga elektriline jõuseade. Kona Electricule lisandub 2019. aasta sügisel hübriidmudel.

Uuenduslikud mobiilsuslahendused kolme erineva elektrilise jõuseadmega

Uues IONIQ-tooteseerias on täiustatud SmartSense™-i ohutus- ja juhiabisüsteemid ning uusimad teabe- ja meelelahutuslahendused. Peale selle on uuendatud nii auto välimust kui ka salongi.

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Hyundai Motor to Showcase New EV Concept『 45 』at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Thu, Aug 22, 2019 06:00 CET

New concept model to hint at the future of Hyundai Motor’s EV design

Hyundai Motor will display the company’s focus toward the future direction of car design at the forthcoming IAA Frankfurt Motor Show (Sept. 10-22, 2019). Inspired by looking back at the brand’s first model in the 1970s, the『45』fully-electric concept car will act as a symbolic milestone for Hyundai’s future EV design.

The new concept accentuates the forward-driven design direction while exploring the evolution of Hyundai’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design language. ‘Sensuous’ stands for enhanced emotional values that customers can experience through design, and ‘Sportiness’ is determined to implement those values through innovative mobility solutions.

The Hyundai『45』concept car will be unveiled to the world on Sept. 10 at the Frankfurt Motor Show (09:25 CET, Hall 11). Hyundai will showcase various future innovations in vehicle technology and integration of lifestyle applications to illustrate STYLE SET FREE.


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Hyundai Motor announces limited-edition i30 N Project C

  • Cision
Tue, Aug 20, 2019 06:30 CET

i30 N Project C is a lighter, lower, corner-slicing version of the top 275-PS trim of the i30 N The limited-edition specification, available only to European customers, is inspired by the high-performance facility at Hyundai’s Namyang R&D centre The i30 N Project C will premiere this September at the 2019 IAA in Frankfurt

Hyundai Motor has announced a limited-edition version of the award-winning i30 N, showing the car in camouflage ahead of its world premiere. The i30 N Project C features a range of design upgrades and exhilarating dynamic touches, to further enhance the driving thrills of the i30 N.

The unique specification includes carbon-fibre reinforced plastic materials and motorsport-inspired 19-inch wheels, making the i30 N Project C notably lighter than the standard i30 N and more responsive than ever to driver input. Dedicated aerodynamic touches also contribute to the exhilarating experience behind the wheel, offering even greater driving pleasure.

First images show a camouflaged i30 N Project C with a deep-orange sticker design and a stylised upper-case ‘C’ inspired by Hyundai’s high-performance vehicle testing and development ‘Area C’ track at the Namyang R&D centre in Korea. The area is the spiritual home of Hyundai N, leading the initiation and extension of the N model lineup.

Visitors to the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) will be able to experience the public world premiere of the i30 N Project C. The new model will be strictly limited to 600 units, available in selected markets across Europe later this year.

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Hyundai Motor to present the next stage of STYLE SET FREE at IAA 2019

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Thu, Aug 15, 2019 15:46 CET

Hyundai to showcase electrified prototype displaying future pure electric design concept Hyundai Motorsport will tease the future of motorsport with the debut of its first electric racing car

Hyundai Motor will provide a glimpse into the future of mobility at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The company will showcase its full electric design concept envisioning its future EV design direction. Hyundai Motorsport will also unveil its first ever electric racing car.

The cars of tomorrow will become individualised living spaces. At this year’s IAA, Hyundai Motor will illustrate its personalized in-car customer experience strategy for future electric vehicles under the banner STYLE SET FREE. Hyundai envisions that future vehicles will offer customers more freedom to design their cars in a way similar to how people design their homes to better reflect their lifestyles. The company envisions that cars’ interiors will be more customizable also during its lifecycle.

Hyundai presented the first steps of STYLE SET FREE earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas and at Milan Design Week. At the 2019 IAA, the brand will reveal the next stage of its future mobility vision by revealing its full electric concept car, which will demonstrate how Hyundai is rethinking mobility.

- With the first full electrified concept integrating STYLE SET FREE, as well as our first ever electrified race car, we are proud that Hyundai is once again showing a glimpse into the future of driving, while other manufacturers are still talking about it, says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing & Product at Hyundai Motor Europe.

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Hyundai Motorsport set to go electric

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Tue, Aug 06, 2019 14:00 CET

Hyundai Motorsport has begun work on an electric race car, heralding a new era of motorsport for the company It is the first-ever electric vehicle to be created by Hyundai Motorsport from its Alzenau-based headquarters  The car will make its first appearance on the media day at the International Motor Show (IAA) in September.

Hyundai Motorsport has begun work on its first ever electric race car in an exciting new project that will herald a new motorsport era for the company. 

The car, which has been designed and built at the company’s headquarters in Alzenau, Germany, will break cover for the first time on the media day of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in September.

The move to electric continues the growth of Hyundai Motorsport, which has become well established in rallying and circuit racing since its inception in 2012. The multiple rally-winning WRC team, now in its sixth season, is currently leading a closely fought Manufacturers’ Championship. 

The company also boasts a successful Customer Racing division, established in September 2015, which has developed the competitive i20 R5, i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR cars that have between them claimed victories and championships in motorsport series around the world.

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Hyundai Tucson wins award for most family-friendly import car

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Wed, Jun 26, 2019 07:30 CET

Hyundai’s compact Tucson SUV wins renowed ‘Bild am Sonntag’ reader test Hyundai Tucson beats 16 international rivals Tester families praise model for its feeling of space, variability, driving safety and mobile phone integration

Families love the Hyundai Tucson: readers of Germany’s ‘Bild am Sonntag’ have voted the compact SUV the ‘most family-friendly import car 2019’. This is the second time Germany’s most-read Sunday newspaper has awarded the model the award for family friendliness. This year, the Hyundai Tucson prevailed against 16 international competitors.

In its search for the ‘most family-friendly import car 2019’, the editorial team of the Bild Group’s automotive resort proposes 17 vehicles, from which the readers of Bild am Sonntag select five candidates for the final round. These finalists will then be available to five families of readers at the DEKRA Test Center at the Lausitzring for extensive test drives. There were two adults in the families and from one to three children; the youngest tester was only seven months old.

The reader testers assess the vehicles in the categories everyday use, quality, comfort, price/performance ratio and driving pleasure. Hyundai Tucson scored 901 points, Skoda Scala 882 points, Mazda CX-5 826 points, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 752 points and Dacia Duster 601 points.

Tom Drechsler, editor-in-chief of the Bild Group’s automotive resort: "The Hyundai Tucson has convinced ‘Bild am Sonntag’ readers of its space-saving, variability, driving safety and mobile phone integration features. Among the finalists, the Tucson was also the only one to offer a five-year warranty (in Baltic countries and in Finland seven years with unlimited mileage). In the end, the test families selected the SUV from South Korea as the most family-friendly import car of 2019. Congratulations!"

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Hyundai Motorsport N take double podium from Nürburgring 24 Hours

Mon, Jun 24, 2019 10:17 CET

Hyundai Motorsport N take a double podium in the TCR class of the 2019 Nürburgring 24 Hours with a pair of Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing built machines In qualifying for the famous event Peter Terting smashed the lap record for endurance TCR cars to claim pole position in the class Though incidents on track put class victory out of range both cars showed very impressive pace, and fuel economy throughout the 24 Hours itself.

Hyundai Motorsport N endured a rollercoaster weekend at the Nürburgring 24 Hours, finishing with a double podium in the TCR class. The team’s i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR showed great pace throughout the event at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, but both ultimately had their results limited by incidents on track during the 24 hours itself.
Through the practice and qualifying the two Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing-built machines were the benchmark for the TCR class. Peter Terting qualified the i30 N TCR he shared with Andreas Gülden, Manuel Lauck and Hari Proczyk on pole, his lap of 8:55.163 smashing the previous lap record from endurance TCR cars around the 25km circuit by three seconds. Marc Basseng, meanwhile, qualified the Veloster N TCR a fraction slower, with the drivers line astern on the grid. Lauck, Moritz Oestreich and Nico Verdonck were primed to follow Basseng into the fray behind the wheel. 
They held the positions in class through the first stint of the race, the performance of the cars allowing them to begin to build a lead over the other teams in similar cars. However, soon after the first moment of misfortune struck the Veloster N TCR crew. A minor electrical problem cost 15 minutes in the pits, leaving them temporarily adrift at the foot of the TCR standings.
The i30 N TCR built its lead at the front of the category until the end of the fifth hour of racing. Then, contact with GT class entry resulted in heavy contact with the barriers. Once the car was recovered to the paddock the team immediately began extensive repairs to get back into the race. The work was completed shortly before the halfway point.
At the same time the Veloster N TCR team completed their own astonishing comeback, rising into the class lead only minutes before the 12 hour mark, before beginning to build a margin of their own, eventually gaining two laps’ advantage over the course of six hours as they rose into the top-40 positions overall. There, ill-fortune was to strike again in the form of a technical issue that left the driver stranded on track. Though he tried to bring the car back into the pitlane he ultimately had to resort to being towed off the circuit, losing further time before the team could begin the necessary work.
The time lost dropped them from the lead to third among the TCR runners, four laps off the leader. Over the remaining five hours of the race the four drivers relentlessly pushed the car. By the chequered flag they had climbed to second place – and 48th overall – as well as cutting the gap to the class leader to a single lap.
Much delayed by the repairs to the accident damage the i30 N TCR made it to the finish third in class, and provisionally 103rd overall. The Hyundai Motorsport N team could, though, lay claim to the fastest TCR laps of the race – the i30 N TCR’s 9:05.873 slightly better than the Veloster N TCR crew’s effort of 9:06.016. The times, together with impressive fuel economy that allowed them to stop less often than their rivals, showed the potential that both had to dominate the class with better fortune. Bringing both cars home at the end of the 24 hours was a tribute to reliability of the Hyundai package, and the work of the team.
The celebrations of second consecutive class podium at the famously difficult Nürburgring 24 Hours completed the weekend for the Hyundai teams, a welcome reward to a weekend celebrating the ‘homecoming’ of N to the circuit where Hyundai range of high-performance road cars was honed.


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Hyundai Motorsport reveals Rally Finland line-up

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Tue, Jun 25, 2019 15:32 CET

Hyundai Motorsport has announced that Irish racer Craig Breen will join its team for the forthcoming Rally Finland, round nine of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) Breen, who scored his first WRC podium in Finland 2016, will support the team’s manufacturers’ championship efforts in the rally alongside co-driver Paul Nagle Thierry Neuville and Andreas Mikkelsen will complete the team’s line-up of Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC cars for the event, which takes place August 1-4.

Hyundai Motorsport has revealed its line-up for Rally Finland, round nine of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), will be Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul, Andreas Mikkelsen/Anders Jæger-Amland and Craig Breen/Paul Nagle.
The team has put collective experience at the heart of its crew choice for one of the fastest and most challenging rounds on the WRC calendar, opting to bring in Irishman Craig Breen to partner Neuville and Mikkelsen.
Breen will be a new addition to the Hyundai Motorsport squad, in a one-off rally to bolster the team’s championship efforts. A 1-3 result in Sardinia helped increase its advantage in the manufacturers’ table to 44 points with six rounds remaining.
Running the number #42 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC in Finland, Breen will have sufficient opportunities to get up to speed ahead of the WRC event. A seat fitting to be held at the team’s Alzenau facility today (June 25) will be followed by a pre-event test (PET), as well as participation in Rally Estonia (July 12-14). Mikkelsen will also join that event as representative preparation for the fast Finnish stages.
The high-speed nature of the Finnish roads demands a specific driving style with no room for error and with split seconds making a major difference on the classification. Breen took his first WRC podium in Finland in 2016, and has competed there each year since 2009, with the sole exception of 2013.  
Team Director Andrea Adamo said: “Rally Finland is a very particular type of event that warrants an approach like no other on the calendar. It’s a huge challenge for teams and crews alike. With the championship battle entering a critical phase, and competition being so close among the manufacturers, we have brought Craig Breen into our line-up for Finland. He has demonstrated his class at this event in the past and has a lot of experience, which will be invaluable to us. We are making sure he has enough preparation with Rally Estonia, an event similar in style to Finland, and the pre-event test.”
Craig Breen said:  “I am chuffed to be given this chance to join Hyundai Motorsport for Rally Finland, and to get back in a world rally car. It’s been a long and patient wait, having to watch everyone else drive this year. I am honoured to have this one-off opportunity with Paul as my co-driver. Finland is the rally I’ve done most in the WRC so I hope I can bring something to the team. It will remain a challenge but one I am ready to grasp with both hands. I’ll be competing with the #42, a number I’ve raced with since my first year in karting in 1998, and that has always been very lucky. Let’s hope it remains that way!”


2019 FIA World Rally Championship for Drivers’ Standings
After round 8

1 O. Tanak 150
2 S. Ogier 146
3 T. Neuville 143
4 E. Evans 78
5 T. Suninen 62
6 K. Meeke 60
7 A. Mikkelsen   56
8 D. Sordo 52
9 E. Lappi 40
10 J.M Latvala 40
11 S.Loeb 39

2019 FIA World Rally Championship for Manufacturers’ Standings
After round 8

1   Hyundai Shell Mobis World Rally Team   242
2 Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team 198
3 Citroën Total World Rally Team 170
4 M-Sport Ford World Rally Team 152



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Hyundai IONIQ Electric tops eco ranking by Europe’s largest automobile club

Mon, May 13, 2019 08:00 CET

ADAC EcoTest ranks Hyundai IONIQ Electric as cleanest car Hyundai Kona Electric and fuel-cell electric vehicle Hyundai NEXO also among the leaders Test results confirm Hyundai's leading role in future mobility

Hyundai Motor has gained another major accolade for its diverse eco-car line-up, taking the lead in this year’s EcoTest ranking conducted by the ADAC. With over 20 million members, the ADAC is the largest European automobile club.

The German automobile club has been running the EcoTest's high score list continuously since 2003. Every year the result of each new vehicle test is added. In the current ranking Hyundai is represented by no less than three models. Still at the top is the IONIQ Electric, which has already passed the ADAC's standardised test in 2017 and immediately took the top position in the high score list with 105 of a maximum of 110 possible points. The Hyundai Kona Electric achieved eighth place and the Hyundai NEXO is also ranked among the top 20.

Hyundai is a pioneer in alternative powertrains

Hyundai offers a variety of technologies to reduce vehicle emissions and prevent air pollution in cities. In addition to its mobility concepts, the brand already has a wide model range with different alternative power systems: electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell drive systems. This makes Hyundai the only car manufacturer to offer all major electrified powertrains in production cars.

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Hyundai Motorsport confirms entries for Nürburgring 24 Hours events

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Thu, May 09, 2019 10:12 CET

Hyundai Motorsport will run a two-car entry for both the six-hour Nürburgring 24 Hours Qualifying Race and June’s Nürburgring 24 Hours The Hyundai Motorsport N team will challenge for victory in the competitive TCR class with one Hyundai i30 N TCR and one Hyundai Veloster N TCR Three drivers will share each of the cars for the Qualifying Race weekend, with both crews to increase to quartets for the 24 Hours weekend The i30 Fastback N will also compete in the VT2 class of both events with a crew of four drivers to demonstrate its racetrack capability

Hyundai Motorsport will continue the 2019 campaign on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with a two-car entry in the Nürburgring 24 Hours Qualifying Race (May 18-19). The six-hour event will form the final chapter in preparations for June’s Nürburgring 24 Hours. Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor will also enter the i30 Fastback N in the VT2 class of both events to demonstrate its racetrack capability.

For the Qualifying Race weekend the Hyundai Motorsport N team will enter the two TCR-specification packages – the Hyundai i30 N TCR and Veloster N TCR – built by the company’s Customer Racing department in Alzenau, Germany. Both cars have already had success on the Nordschleife this year in VLN competition, finishing second and third respectively in class at the season opening race. Last year, also, Hyundai left the Nürburgring with a good result, with i30 N TCR taking top three results on three occasions during 2018 – including a double podium in the Qualifying Race.

Both chassis will carry the standard endurance pack that is available to customers. The proven two-litre turbocharged engine and six-speed sequential gearbox remain, but an ABS system is fitted, and the cars equipped with a fast refueling kit to enable mechanics to fill the tank in the pitlane. In the 24 Hour Race additional lights will be fitted for the night running.

For the six-hour event – the longest Hyundai Motorsport has attended this season – a very strong line-up has been assembled, with each car to be shared by three drivers. In the i30 N TCR Nürburgring specialist Andreas Gülden will rejoin the team, having been part of the line-up that finished second a year ago. He will join two other members of that squad – Manuel Lauck and Peter Terting – in the search for class victory on the famous track.

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